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Well...I do not call all that I am putting here as my "invention" but "Inspired". This is also the reason I call this section as fusion and not authentic. After reading a few recipies if you realize that this was done by so and so in such and such way...very much possible, just that the version written here will be my way of doing it!!! If you like, you can go ahead and add "your touch" to all my food..but trust me I have done enough experiemnt with it before putting it up here !

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Bread Pudding in Fresh Cream Sauce

This is a innovation which tasted good. Try it out. Suggest a name. I thought of bread pudding in fresh cream sauce.

1. Bread Slice – 6 pieces
2. Milk – 300 ml
3. Sugar – 1 tbspoon
4. Egg – 2
5. Fresh cream – for sauce
6. Cherries – for dressing
7. resins and cashew – for garnishing
8. Honey – 2 table spoon
9. Vanila essence – 1 tea spoon
Mix ingredients 1,2,3,4 and whip well. Put the mixture in a pressure cooker pan. Grease the pan before hand to avoid sticking. Steam it to cook. Once cooked, remove from flame and let it cool. take it out and cut into pieces of your choice. Long slices look best.
Arrange them in a bowl. Add the Honey and then the fresh cream. garnish with rest of the ingredients. Serve it cold.

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