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Well...I do not call all that I am putting here as my "invention" but "Inspired". This is also the reason I call this section as fusion and not authentic. After reading a few recipies if you realize that this was done by so and so in such and such way...very much possible, just that the version written here will be my way of doing it!!! If you like, you can go ahead and add "your touch" to all my food..but trust me I have done enough experiemnt with it before putting it up here !

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Chicken Rolls

    Well, each time I see rolls, I see the chicken inside. So this time, I thought what would happen if I put the chicken out and the rest of the stuff in? :-)… Nothing it turned out absolutely brilliant. So here you go. Try and let me know..
    Before baking
  1. Mashed potato - You can use the ready to eat version as well.
  2. Chopped beans, carrot, green chilly and onion.
  3. Chicken thigh pieces, de boned.  This should come out as a flat piece.
  4. Butter - for greasing
  5. Olive Oil
  6. Salt
  7. All purpose seasoning
  8. Cream and Water
  9. Tooth picks
  10. Ready to go!!
  11. Mix 1 & 2 together with some salt and this should come out like a dough ( similar to a cutlet mix).
  12. Put this mixture in the Chicken pieces and make a roll, half open. You can close this with the help of the toothpicks.
  13. Grease the backing tray with some butter.
  14. Place the rolls and pour some oil on each roll.
  15. Bake this by turning the side after every 6 to 8 minutes. Total Baking time at least 30 to 45 minutes.
  16. When you are 60% done and feel that the food is drying up, pour the water and cream mixture on it.
  17. Also add some all purpose seasoning.
  18. You are done...Eat!

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  1. I would love to know the recipe of actually how to make a chicken roll. I live abroad now and miss the joint near cotton college. The rolls were simple yet very delicious. there was another joint called palate in panbazaar which served paneer rolls as well.

    do you know which place i am talking about. Would love to know these recipe.