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Well...I do not call all that I am putting here as my "invention" but "Inspired". This is also the reason I call this section as fusion and not authentic. After reading a few recipies if you realize that this was done by so and so in such and such way...very much possible, just that the version written here will be my way of doing it!!! If you like, you can go ahead and add "your touch" to all my food..but trust me I have done enough experiemnt with it before putting it up here !

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Some Kind of Wrap

Well, this is one of my experiments coming out brill!! My personal Favorite and I love it.
So here you go. I think  this should be dedicated to bachelors with minimum kitchen..

  1. Chicken - Boneless Thigh pieces. ( I hate chicken breast, if you like you can use them).
  2. Olive oil - about a small tea spoon per piece.
  3. All purpose seasoning - you will get it in any super market.
  4. Spring roll wrappers - This also you get in a super market.  ( You can make them at home as well, in case you need to know how to do this, refer to any of my dim sum / dumpling/ momo recipes.)
  5. Cream Cheese
  6. Of course, Salt


  1. Mix oil, salt and all purpose and the chicken pieces.
  2. Bake this mixture in a pre heated oven till cooked. It takes me about 30 minutes. 
  3. Let the chicken cool and once cooled, break them into pieces.
  4. Spread cream on the wrapping sheets, fill in some chicken and make the roll.
  5. Toast it on a flat pan.. The same way you would toast a tortilla wrap. Or a sandwich.

Ta da… go and grab it… great thing for your kid's lunch box, break fast and any time snacking!!

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